BTS already dominating 2018

Off to a successful and riveting start, BTS has a lot up their sleeve this year!

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BTS’s schedule is fully booked for 2018

Bangtan Sonyeondan, also known as BTS, also known as the legendary global sensation, has already been dominating the news, the music charts and conversations around the world! From winning multiple awards right at the beginning of the year to J-Hope dropping a brilliant, solo mixtape, the group continues to reach new heights of greatness and success!

Winning big at awards shows!

We are only in March and despite the short period of time, BTS has won multiple awards at various music awards shows! At the Seoul Music Awards, BTS won both the Bonsang and Daesang Awards. At the Golden Disc Awards, BTS won the Digital Bonsang for “Spring Day”, and also won the Disk Bonsang and Daesang for their successful mini album, “Love Yourself: Her”. At the Gaon Music Awards, BTS left with two awards: best album in the 1st quarter for “You Never Walk Alone” and best album in the 3rd quarter for “Love Yourself: Her”. One of the biggest surprises and exciting results was BTS being nominated for the Korean Music Awards and winning the Musician of the Year award! Finally, BTS and ARMY won big at the iHeart Radio Awards; BTS won Best Boy Band and Best Fan Army! BTS could not attend the iHeart Awards because they are busy working on new music, and their schedule was already fully booked at the time.

Agust D made a comeback

In February, Suga’s mixtape, called Agust D, after his other rapper stage name, was added to music stores such as iTunes. ARMYs were extremely excited and as a result, they purchased the mixtape and streamed it endlessly. As a result, it reached number one on iTunes charts and ended up being featured on charts. Yes, Suga’s 2016 mixtape reappeared and slayed charts in 2018!

BTS x Puma Collaboration

BTS and Puma have already been collaborating for some time now. However, this year, they have joint together for a global collaboration, making BTS Puma’s global ambassadors! BTS designed extremely trendy and fashionable Puma sneakers that are being widely purchased by ARMYs around the world! In addition to them being global ambassadors, BTS had a beautiful photoshoot with Puma to continue promoting their collaboration.

J-Hope Drops A Fire Mixtape

ARMYs were gifted with an incredible mixtape by Jung Hoseok this March. J-Hope’s mixtape, named Hope World, contains some lit, “vibey” tracks which anyone would get down and jam to! At the same time, his tracks should not just be considered as one dimensional, since they have important, deeper meanings which really represent J-Hope, an energetic, loving person who has so many layers and aspects about him which make him the person who we love and adore. Hope World broke records for the best solo K-Pop since it reached number one on iTunes charts in 60 countries! It’s still trending globally on Spotify, and has been praised by Billboard and artists, including BTS members, of course!

BTS Youtube series “Burn The Stage”

The most recent announcement by BigHit and Youtube is that the series, “Burn The Stage”, will debut on the 28th March on Youtube Red! The series will be documenting BTS during their world tour and will reveal all the highs and lows, essentially revealing their vulnerable moments to all of us. This makes many ARMYs anxious because of “the fear of the unknown” and not knowing what is going to be shown in the series. Regardless, as ARMYs, we need to be empathetic, understanding and thoughtful and we must always support BTS and each other especially when it comes to emotional, vulnerable moments.

More to come!

3 months into 2018 and we can already see that Bangtan is achieving and working on many projects! BTS’s schedule is completely full for the rest of the year which just goes to show how much is coming our way. ARMYs, we may never be fully prepared for the next come back or a potential tour, but we need to be aware of the fact that our souls, minds, wigs and bodies are going to be snatched! BTS is coming for us, and as members of their beautiful family, it’s exciting to be able to share these moments of success together!

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