Important Discussions About Bisexuality on Twitter

Twitter has become a platform for bisexual individuals to discuss the issues that we face and is consequently playing a role in uniting and empowering our community.

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Twitter over the years has become a more popular place for members of the LGBTQ+ community to express themselves, find solidarity and understanding with each other, and feel included on an online space. For the bisexual+ community, Twitter has also been an important place to talk about issues such as bi erasure and the abhorrent stereotypes and stigmas about bisexual people. In addition to this, it has also allowed bisexual individuals to find, confide and uplift one another when others simply opposed or discriminated against us.

A beautiful, empowering part about the bisexual community’s presence on Twitter is that bisexual celebrities and individuals have been expressing themselves loud and proud on the social media platform and are the individuals who are also having discussions about issues facing the bisexual community, and as a result, are also creating safe, brave spaces too.

Here are some important tweets and discussions that have been started by several bisexual individuals:

Halsey pointing out bi erasure

Bi erasure continues to be a massive problem in our society. The sad reality is that many individuals feel that there is only a binary when it comes to gender and sexuality. As a result, people assume that if people of the opposite sex are dating, then they are both heterosexual, and if people of the same sex are dating, then they are homosexual. Sadly, it is quite rare for people to include bisexual+ individuals. Not only do most gay and straight individuals do this, but because bi erasure is so ingrained in society, even some bisexual people do it as well. Thus, it was so important to see a tweet like Halsey’s on social media because it is a vital reminder that the sexual orientation binary does not exist. Instead, sexuality is part of a spectrum.

Announcement about Issa Rae’s New Comedy Series about a Black Bisexual Man

Representation has always been a challenge for the bisexual community especially when it comes to intersectional representation such as including bisexual black women, bisexual black men, and bisexuals from various backgrounds and identities. When the announcement was made about a new comedy series about a Black Bisexual Man, the bisexual community on Twitter was extremely excited and overjoyed. It was, without a doubt, a pivotal moment for bisexual people, especially bisexual black men since there has never been a show like this before. Representation is so important because it plays a role in empowering and including people.

Evan Rachel Wood expressing how there is a lack of allyship for the bisexual community

When it comes to seeking assistance in discussing issues and promoting inclusivity for the bisexual community, the sad reality is that very few allies can be found. In fact, the LGBTQ+ community can often be an uncomfortable space for bisexual people. Often, gay and lesbian individuals express biphobic thoughts and notions, the same way some straight individuals do too, which leaves bisexual individuals feeling even more excluded and marginalized. This is a major problem and it isn’t being addressed enough in the LGBTQ+ community and in society as a whole.

Twitter blocking “Bisexual” saga

In 2017, an uproar took place when the bisexual community realized that twitter blocked “Bisexual” on the news and photos search pages. Bisexual individuals and organizations around the world, joined together on Twitter to express their dismay, disapproval and disdain. It was a powerful movement and it was empowering to see that bisexual voices were being heard on social media! Twitter’s support team immediately responded to this and fixed the apparent error.

Bisexual Community dominating Twitter with trends such as #BiTwitter

Throughout the year, there were times where the LGBTQ+ community, especially the LGBTQ+ youth, trended hashtags on social media. This was a great space for the community to empower ourselves and each other by sharing love and promoting each other on our accounts. In addition to this, the bisexual community also got #BiTwitter trending on social media. Bisexual people shared photos of themselves, their stories and who they are to promote bi visibility and show the world that we are here, we exist and we are valid.

Sara Ramirez calling out biphobia in the entertainment industry and more

Sara Ramirez is a brilliant bisexual, intersectional activist. She focuses a lot on representation. She may be an exceptionally talented actor but she is also an incredible, dedicated activist who seeks to empower and inspire other bisexual individuals. Biphobia is found everywhere in society, and it is no surprise that it was found in the entertainment industry as well. When Sara called out ABC for their biphobia, fellow bisexual individuals were extremely grateful for her actions and joined in discussions about biphobia. Sara Ramirez continues to discuss bisexual issues on her social media platforms and frequently shares articles regarding bisexuality and challenges in the community.

#BiChat: Discussing Coming Out

Coming out can be very challenging for any member of the LGBTQ+ community and unfortunately, ignorant people immediately form prejudices and thoughts when you express your sexual orientation to them. During September 2017, The Trevor Project organized #BiChat, a platform for the bisexual community to talk about their coming out experiences and how to deal with people who have ignorant or problematic, preconceived ideas about bisexuality. It was an important part of assisting and advising other bisexual individuals who may not be out or who were still figuring out their sexual orientation.

Empowering Coming Out Stories: Keiynan, Lauren, Bella and more

There have been some beautiful, amazing and powerful coming out moments from bisexual+ individuals and celebrities. The ones I will discuss are just a few of many which have been empowering for other bisexual individuals around the world.

In perhaps one of the most powerful, thought provoking and moving pieces written after Donald Trump’s election, Lauren Jauregui expressed how proud she is to be a bisexual, Cuban-American woman. This was important for her and for so many of her fans and marginalized groups and it came at a time where it seemed that hate and oppression had won. Since that announcement, Lauren has played a role in fighting for social justice, empowering women, the LGBTQ+ community and marginalized groups who have been victims of systemic oppression and prejudice. She’s an inspiration to many!

Another beautiful coming out moment was when Keiynan Lonsdale wrote a coming out letter which was empowering because he was expressing how unapologetically bisexual he is, and how proud and happy he is. His message resonated with many LGBTQ+ youth and it motivated and encouraged so many people to be themselves, to come out and be unapologetically queer and proud of it.

Bella Thorne’s coming out in 2016 was another encouraging, empowering moment for young bisexual individuals. Not only did Bella feel accepted and loved by her fans and the community for their warm, heartfelt responses to her, but it also gave a lot of young bisexual people the hope and motivation to be themselves and come out to their family and friends.

These two “coming out” moments aren’t real coming out moments since they’re related to TV shows. However, they were important since they play a role in bisexual representation. Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the bisexual community were so happy when Rosa came out as bisexual and many were happy when Sarah Hyland confirmed that her character, Haley, is bisexual.

There is no doubt that Twitter has become a better, safer and braver space for the bisexual community to exist, be included and be themselves. Although there are still many trolls, biphobes and discriminatory individuals who continue to bully and discriminate against the bisexual community on social media, the community continues to strive for a more inclusive, empowering platform where we can be who we are, love who we love and not be mistreated because of ridiculous stereotypes, prejudices and ignorant notions.

*Please note that there are many more stories, individuals and tweets that have played a role in creating an empowering, inclusive space for the bisexual community. These are only a few of them.



Luke Waltham is a BA Law Graduate. He is a BA Honours student and has been an activist for transformation, social justice and human rights. #BTSARMY

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Luke Waltham

Luke Waltham is a BA Law Graduate. He is a BA Honours student and has been an activist for transformation, social justice and human rights. #BTSARMY