Interview with Twitter trendsetter Karabo Mokgoko

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Karabo Mokgoko’s Twitter Page currently (Karabo Mokgoko)

Social media, especially Twitter, has become a vital part of our daily lives. It plays a formidable in discussing various topics, spreading awareness and keeping us up to date with the news. Social media has created a space for people such as Karabo Mokgoko to find their passion and engage with other social media users.

Karabo Mokgoko is a well-known trendsetter on Twitter. She uses social media to inspire and convey powerful messages to her followers by motivating them and discussing various things such as fashion, beauty, photography, gadgets, music, and politics. She currently has over 1 million followers on twitter (@Karabo_Mokgogo) and she runs a successful website too which you can visit here.

I had the opportunity to interview her and ask a couple of questions that may benefit other South African social media users who want to use social media to become successful too.

Question 1: What motivated you to start twitter?

Karabo: I can’t remember, I think FOMO (Fear of missing out) was the reason, I just heard of a new social media network and went on to sign up. I like being the first to try out things so that was probably the reason back then. But as we all know, there’s a pattern to Twitter, You sign up- follow some celebs but you don’t know what is going on so you give up and stop using it for months; Then you decide to give it a try again and become addicted.

Question 2: What have you learnt about social media during the time you’ve been on the platform?

Karabo: That social media has become one of the main channels of communication. It’s a platform for everything from meeting new friends or lovers to sharing ideas, cooperating and collaborating to create art, finding ideas, and doing business.

Question 3: What advice would you give to someone who is starting out and wants to become an influencer?

Karabo: The most important thing is to grow your audience, the only way a brand would pick you to be their “influencer” is if they see your influence in numbers. But it’s not just about numbers, it’s also about interacting with your audience which increases engagement and that’s key in becoming an influencer. You also have to participate in trending topics, be seen and heard. It’s about authenticity too, not trying to be like everyone else, standing out, remember as an influencer you’re a brand too.

Question 4: What is Black Twitter to you?

Karabo: Black Twitter is the most brutal yet real group on Twitter. It’s very influential. Black Twitter can make you or break you. It’s either they are with you or against you. Beautiful things come from black twitter supporting people such as people finding jobs, getting bursaries or hooking you up. But I’ve seen Black Twitter get people fired, land people in jail. It’s an informal group on Twitter yet (in my opinion) the most feared and respected. Black Twitter is revolutionary.

Question 5: What do you think are the most talked about topics in South Africa (or the world)?

Karabo: Politics and entertainment. Politics because our country is obviously falling apart while we watch and cannot do anything about it so the only thing we can do is vent. Entertainment has always been one of the most popular topics at any given time, everywhere, there’s always a new song your favorite musician released, an interesting TV show to discuss or that provocative picture your favorite actress posted online.

Question 6: What is the difference Paid and Promo Twitter?

Karabo: In my opinion promo Twitter are there to promote, they promote events, music and brands while paid twitter post biased political tweets especially by influential people and attack people of different opinions and brainwash users. There’s obviously a difference in the rate per tweet too, promo twitter obviously gets paid less than what a political party or politician would pay very influential people on paid Twitter.

Question 7: Do you think the saying ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is true?

Karabo: No. Bad publicity can tarnish your brand. So one has to make sure they get publicity for all the right reasons.

Question 8: If someone wants to make money through twitter what advice would you give them?

Karabo: Grow your audience. Post meaningful, quality content. Approach brands and offer your service. Network and make connections with PR/marketing professionals. Sign up onto platforms such as Webfluential for brands to find and reach you. Only partner with brands you like, don’t jump into bed with every brand that approaches you, you lose authenticity this way, your audience won’t always trust your judgement on the “best” brands because it will be clear it’s just about the money to you. Try creating long term partnerships instead of once of campaigns when making deals, that way you’re guaranteed that the money will keep rolling in. Lastly, know your worth, know your value and add tax to that!

Question 9: Is twitter a self-government space or do you think there are people pulling strings behind the scenes? Obviously besides the creators.

Karabo: There are always people pulling strings behind the scenes everywhere. I guess it is what makes the world go round.

Question 10: What does social media mean to you?

Karabo: Social media is my happy place, place of motivation, money making and my real-time source of what’s happening around the world all in one.

Karabo is a fantastic, phenomenal individual who truly inspires and motivates others, and promotes great quality content on her social media and website. It was a privilege to interview her and I wish her all the best with her future success!

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