Poem: I Cry For The People of Africa

This was a poem written by Luke Waltham and contains themes such as racism, colonialism, white supremacy, Pan Africanism.

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I Cry For The People of Africa.

Ever since the first ship docked,

The word “freedom” was extinguished.

As the dances and rituals under the golden sun

Turned into cries and woes of pain.

Families, cultures, kingdoms and soldiers so brave

Oppressed and starving, brutally treated. The slaves

They were labelled, subhumans, animals

Seen as criminals, savages, barbarians and mongrels

Their land taken, their resources stripped,

No voice, no power, silence with gunpowder,

Labouring away in fear, blood pumping louder.

I Cry For The People of Africa.

For the gift of independence did not improve

Their Lives. Surrounded by warfare,

Neglected by warlords, the people of Africa,

In the midst of chaos and turmoil,

Losing hope as diseases, hunger, battles and strife

Becomes their inescapable death sentences,

Darkness’s knife.

I Cry For The People of Africa.

Their tears have all dried up

Guns, shambocks, knobkerries raised

Chanting and marching in unison,

Demanding liberty they desire, they


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