The Body Shop Saved My Skin

A review of using skincare products from The Body Shop for the last few months

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Skincare is an important part of taking care of our physical appearance and, for someone who has battled for years with my skin, I have faced many challenges trying to find the products that were best suited for my skin. That was, until I discovered The Body Shop, and everything has changed.

I have extremely sensitive skin, so using products that were heavily alcohol based did not help my skin at all. Unfortunately, most skincare products which you will find on counters at beauty, cosmetic and pharmaceutical stores are not for individuals who have sensitive skin. However, I came across certain ranges of products from The Body Shop that fit my needs.

Sales & Service

When it came to sales assistance at the store, The Body Shop does not disappoint. The stores employ well-informed sales experts who know what they are talking about, and are willing to help anyone with any skincare advice. It was the sales assistant at my local Body Shop store who advised me on the right products for my skin, and because of that advice, I have found that my skin has repaired and improved so much!

Although The Body Shop itself may not deliver its products, stores that it is associated with, such as Clicks in South Africa, will deliver the products to you.

Aloe Calming Foaming Wash

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The Body Shop’s Foam Cleanser, in the Aloe Range, is a simplistic, natural based product that easily removes dirt, make up and excess oils from the face. It definitely has a “calming” effect, because it cools, softens and balances the skin after waking up, and before going to bed.

You use it everyday and every night. It is the first step of your skincare routine and should be used with warm water so that your pores are opened, and the cleanser does its job well!

The Aloe range products are quite affordable, and is one of the cheapest skincare product ranges at The Body Shop. I really recommend this cleanser for someone who needs something light, yet efficient for their skin, especially after a stressful day!

Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

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When I first heard about this product, I was interested in the “peel” concept. Essentially, this is an exfoliator which you simply apply to your face 2–3 times a week after cleansing. You use 3 drops of it at a time.

The feeling of the product is strange on the skin, but it does the job well! After massaging the exfoliator into the skin for 20 seconds, the product forms little “balls” outside of the skin, as it has collected dirt and dead skin cells.

The Youth Peel leaves your skin feeling clean, silky and smooth. I have found that the Drops of Youth range definitely provides you with youthful skin, and plays a role at repairing skin, and keeping the it healthy and alive!

Aloe Calming Toner

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Calm. Balance. Effective. These 3 words come to my mind when I have to describe the Aloe Calming Toner. I often battle with the toners on the market because they’re usually alcohol-based or the consistency of the toner is not right for my skin type.

However, The Body Shop resolves that with their Aloe Calming Toner. I have used 3 different toners by the The Body Shop (Aloe, Seaweed and Tea Tree) and the Aloe toner is the best for me because I have sensitive skin. I really enjoy the Aloe Calming Toner because it prepares and balances the skin for the rest of the skincare products, which maximises their effects and the products are able to complement one another.

You must use this everyday and every night after cleansing and before using the essence.

Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist

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This is not a necessary part of your skincare routine, rather it is an additional product which you use, especially if you use any make up products such as concealer, base or foundation.

Sometimes I use concealer when I go out or attend events, so applying the Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist is perfect because it keeps all your products and make up in tact for a longer time, and at the same time, prevents the make up from creating acne.

The Body Shop offers different types of face mists, but I prefer the Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist the most because rose has natural balancing properties and is also known for repairing skin too.

Drops of Youth Essence Lotion

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This is perhaps one of my favourite products from The Body Shop! My skin has never felt so youthful, bouncy and lively before! This essence should be used every single day, morning and evening, after using a toner.

The product, after being applied, feels slightly strange, but after 5 minutes, your skin feels energised, hydrated and healthy! It has an immediate effect but it also has the long term benefits of looking bright, young and well nourished.

Since many skincare routines praise and advise the use of an essence, I also strongly encourage people to buy an essence, and The Body Shop does not disappoint with the Drops of Youth Essence Lotion. A must buy!

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

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Although the Tea Tree Oil range is not supposed to be used by individuals with sensitive skin, I include the Tea Tree Oil serum (Daily Solution) because I did have blemishes and slight scarring on my face.

It works by applying a few drops of the solution on your finger tips and placing it on your face. I allow it to set for 5 minutes before I apply moisturiser on my face. You use this everyday, morning and evening.

After using the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution for a month, I have noticed that my scars and blemishes have shrunk, disappeared or become more feint than before! It is a definite must-use if you are worried about acne, acne scars or any form of blemishes that have been bothering you. If you do have sensitive skin, I would request your local Body Shop store to let you test it first.

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

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Eye serums/concentrate are not always a “must buy”, but after using The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, I have added it to my permanent skincare routine! The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and it is important to use the right product to keep the skin healthy in that area.

The Youth Eye Concentrate should be used daily to ensure that the skin around the eye remains lively, young and replenished. Since I started using this product, the “bags” under my eyes have disappeared and aesthetically, my eyes and skin look more attractive.

The price of the Eye Concentrate is quite high, so this purchase should be made once you have all the other essentials to your skincare routine.

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15

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This is the Aloe range’s day cream, with an SPF. I always believe it is vital to have an SPF with your moisturiser before you go out during the day. Personally, I think that using suncream with a high SPF everyday is not great for your skin.

The Aloe moisturisers really keep your skin looking hydrated and well taken care of. Not only does it provide a natural glow to your skin, but it keeps all the skincare products applied in check and has a balancing effect too, simply because the aloe based products have a “calming” trait.

I would definitely encourage everyone with sensitive skin to use this moisturiser because it easily prevents irritation and contains no allergens.

Aloe Night Cream

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If you want a soothing, pleasant moisturiser to apply to your face before sleeping, then the Aloe Night Cream is for you. The product must be used every night so that its true calming, beneficial effects can work properly.

The night cream plays a role in hydrating your skin overnight and also retains all the skincare products in your skin so that they can prepare, feed and nourish your skin while you sleep.

I used to wake up with terrible breakouts in the morning. However, since I’ve started using the aloe products, the moisturisers in particular, I have woken up acne-free and worry-free!


The Body Shop has a large range of products for different skin types. They continue to become more inclusive for all individuals, by selling products that are catered for their consumers’ needs. They have definitely got a successful brand and I am proud to be one of their customers! I strongly encourage anyone who prefers using more natural based products to try out The Body Shop. Not only will their products improve your skin, but they also support movements to ban animal testing, which is an ethical move for a cosmetic business.

The Body Shop occasionally has specials and sales. Keep an eye out for any upcoming deals where you can save!

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Luke Waltham is a BA Law Graduate. He is a BA Honours student and has been an activist for transformation, social justice and human rights. #BTSARMY

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